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Less is more
Visual calmness, pure surfaces, defined lines; we welcome you to the minimalistic outdoor area. Even maintenance is minimal. It doesn’t get any easier than this.
A story of details
Made-to-measure is our trademark. The details are just as important as the whole, and the crafting is just as important as the design. Unique solutions combined with carefully selected materials. Our goal is to create garden design where quality and exclusivity is in focus.
Our philosophy is about timelessness.
We create modern and pure Scandinavian design that becomes more beautiful with each passing year.
Rough and unpolished
We are inspired by rough and unpolished Nordic nature. Hard rock, massive wood, lush plants, soft grass and glittering water. We love the contrasts that you get when quality materials are set against each other. Quality materials that withstand all kinds of weather. A beautiful and robust palette to colour your garden.
We seek the unique.
Human beings are constantly searching for the perfect place to find recreation and new energy. A place that stimulates your imagination, allows dreams to grow and gives you peace of mind. Create your own sanctuary where you need it most, and feel free to share it with the birds, your neighbour or your neighbour’s friend..
We create the unique by adding your personality to the project. Hovering concrete, floating steps? Allow yourself to be surprised by playful and unique solutions. Something out of the ordinary. Just for you!